Using Kaitai Struct to Parse Cobalt Strike Beacon Configs

Parsing Beacon Configs: Basics

To Start

Binary Config Structure

Two I-TLV structures at the beginning of the sample config.
  • Index # = 0x01 (Beacon Type) | Type = 0x01 (Short) | Length = 0x02 | Value = 0x00 (HTTP Beacon)
  • Index # = 0x02 (Port) | Type = 0x01 (Short) | Length = 0x02 | Value = 0x50 (Port 80)
Config field 0x8 showing an example blob structure in the sample data
- id: index
type: u2
- id: fieldtype
type: u2
- id: fieldlength
type: u2
- id: fieldvalue
size: fieldlength
switch-on: fieldtype
1: u2
2: u4
3: bytes
- id: byte_val
switch-on: _parent._parent.index
11: transform_blocks
12: req_malleablec2
13: req_malleablec2
42: gargle_section
46: procinj_transform
47: procinj_transform

Beacon Configs: Malleable C2

Malleable C2 Request Blocks

Comparison showing the binary structure for malleable c2 and the actual written c2 profile.
  • (0xa or _Header| 0xb | “Accept: */*”)
  • (0xa or _Header | 0x16 | “Content-Type: text/xml”)
  • (0xa or _Header | 0x20 | “X-Requested-With” “XMLHttpRequest”)
  • (0x10 or _HostHeader | 0x14 | “Host:”)
  • (0x9 or _Parameter | 0xa | “sz=160x600”)
  • …. And so on
- id: statement
type: u4
enum: transform_actions
- id: statement_value
switch-on: statement
transform_actions::uheader: length_val_string
transform_actions::uparameter: length_val_string
transform_actions::build: data_transform
transform_actions::uhostheader: length_val_string
if: statement != transform_actions::stop

DataTransform Blocks

output {            
Example DataTransform block within the binary structure.
  • (0x07 = DataTransform) (0x01 = Output Section) (0x03 = Base64) (0x04 = Terminate_Print)
- id: type_code
type: u4
- id: transform_statement
type: transform_statement
repeat: until
repeat-until: _.action == <TERMINATION ACTION>
- id: action
type: u4
enum: transform_actions
- id: action_args
switch-on: action
transform_actions::append: length_val_bytes
transform_actions::prepend: length_val_bytes
transform_actions::termination_header: length_val_string
transform_actions::termination_parameter: length_val_string

Results & Future Work

GraphViz output of my parser structs. This is not very pretty but so easy to generate!
Screenshot of simple HTML/Javascript wrapper POC using my Kaitai Struct Beacon Config Parser. Some wrapping functionality is required to display and pretty print the structure information.
  • This parser will break if CS adds sub-structures to existing assumed formats such as Malleable C2 Req. For example, if there is a new Malleable Transform Action that has a (length | value) argument, this proof-of-concept will not know about it today. This should handle new “fields” at the higher level just fine, it will treat them as blobs.
  • The current parser assumes you start the input at the config start (it does not handle unpacking, xor decoding, or seeking the config).
  • I believe my structure definition is overly nested and complicated. I’d bet that it could be optimized many ways by someone with more time in the language. It could definitely be prettier.
  • I would love to extend the parser to handle Beacon dlls or stages entirely without the need to first parse the start of the config bytes. I didn’t implement this for the sake of time.
  • There are probably more blob structures that have meaning to the Beacon agent and could use sub-structures. I implemented the obvious ones.
  • Validate all of the bytes fields that should be strings are properly casted.

Would I do it again?




Tech: Threat Intel | Photographer @

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Justin Warner

Justin Warner

Tech: Threat Intel | Photographer @

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